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FOR Winter

100% Handmade Granny Square Afghans. 

These incredible afghans are 100% Custom Hand Made one at a time with the most luxurious of materials.

Merino, Silk, Angora, Hand Spun Natural Fibers, Cotton Blends


Single and Double Crochet Pattern

No two are exactly alike.  

Remember those granny square afghans that you could toss in the backseat of the car or throw on your lap at the football game.  Well these are a new take on an old classic.  These one of a kind hand crocheted afghans are giant granny squares, that I make myself. 

I spin magick and blessings into each one, One stitch at a time.

"Each Afghan is truly a piece of Art."
    M. Calder

Made with love using only the finest materials available. 

Custom requests welcome.     

Specialty color and sizes are available. 


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