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Perfecting your Lines and Teardrop Class

Learn how to use your brand of make-up correctly. Learn to sponge a perfect base, blend colors together flawlessly, properly load your brush, make smooth and even lines, swirls and curls, teardrops, animal markings and more!


Beginner Body Painting

Learn how to create beautiful lingerie, bustiers, and jeans.Perfect for private painting, night clubs and special events!


FX - Special FX Makeup Class

Learn how to make bullet holes, scrapes, burns, tire marks and realistic cuts and bruises. Products use to create these effects will be demonstrated including latex, silicone and watermelon prosthetics as well as ideas on using everyday household products for burns and other effects. Not for the faint of heart but great for anyone that likes to have fun and is looking to add something different to their list of skills.


Theatrical Makeup Class

Learn what you should have in a pro-makeup kit and how to use it. We'll talk about everything from adhesives and prosthetics to cake and grease makeup. Learn aging, highlights shadows and creating characters.

Classes and Upcoming Schedule

Halloween Classes on FabaTV
If your interested in learning how to do some cool Halloween special effects.  Check out my videos on

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