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100% Handmade Knit Magick Katz

Give them a home and they give you their Magick!

Beautiful Angora, Cotton, Natural Fibers and Silks Poly Blends.

Hand Knit Kittens made from Hand Spun Natural Fibers from Fiber Artist Rosemary Boyd of Australia. 


Four to 6 inch kitties are hand knit using soft yarns.  Each one is unique, and no two are exactly alike.

These magick littel katz are filled with poly stuffing , same as the inside of a pillow. 

All natural. 









Handknit Magic Kittens

  • Magick Katz are 100% Handmade Have 9 Lives and possess 9 Magick Spells:  Dreams, Love, Health, Money, Career, Peace, Sleep, Protection, Memory

    These small Katz are hand knit and come in organza bag with magickal stone and spell.

    Merino, Silk, Cotton, Hand Spun Natural Fiber Blends

    Other colors and sizes available. 
    No two exactly the same.


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